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Friday, March 27, 2009

Party Invite

I'm sure most of you know my father-in-law. Well, we are throwing him a surprise birthday party in!! Anywhoo, I drew this illustration of their dog in Illustrator with a sombrero on her head. Since the theme is a Fiesta. I cut out the invites so they are the shape of the dog. I bought bright primary colored envelopes to put them in. Bright bold reds, blues, yellows, and I think there was a green and orange colored one too? Not everyone received the actual printed invites, since there are so many guests invited, so these paper ones just went out to family members mostly and folks without computers. The rest were emailed. Hope you all like!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I won!!

Hey all,
I found out today that I won an Apple iTouch from the T-shirt contest I entered last month. I am sooo excited! I hope to get it some time this month. I had a choice between a Wii and an iTouch. And since I already have a Wii, the iTouch was my choice. And a kicker is, they may actually produce some of my designs!! Pretty cool eh?