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Monday, October 20, 2008


My friend Emilie's birthday was on Friday last week, so I made her something small for her birthday. I figured there wasn't much "hanging" space to hang a drawing for her, so I decided to make her notecards as a gift of her doggy. Since she is a teacher, I figured she probably would write on notecards. So I made two different ones for her to use. Just something small. Hope you liked them Em!! Happy Birthday...again! We had a blast Saturday night!


Emilie said...


I LOVE THESE!! I have been meaning to call and THANK YOU!!!! They are AWESOME!!! You are such a creative person!

Thank you for these. AND, Thank you and Allen for coming out! :o)

cattina said...

you're's not much, but figured you could at least use them for something. ;)
See you Thursday!

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