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Monday, November 24, 2008

Red Hat, Purple Dress, Funny Cat, time to Impress

A friend of mine saw the note cards I made for Emilie and wanted me to make some for her mom. Her mom is part of the Red Hat Purple Dress society. So she wanted me to take their cat and make some note cards for her as a gift. Here are a couple of ideas I created for her. I first took the cat in Photoshop and a picture of her mom. I cropped out her mom's fancy hat and stuck it on the cat's head. Then I brought the new image in Illustrator and just started playing. Here is what I came up with. The basic concept for the card is on the left, and different ideas for the front are on the right. It was kind of fun, something creative that wasn't too difficult and didn't take too much time (since I hardly have any creative time these days with Cali). Oh yes, and also, we lit up our house for Christmas last night...its nuts! Don't worry, new xmas photo to come soon!


Emilie said...

These are really cool. I like the idea of the different backgrounds. I think she'll love them!!

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