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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Creepy art

So, I read on this site about these famous artists who draw in Illustrator. I was messing with the Gradient Mesh tool in Illustrator to learn how to draw realistically. It is very difficult, that's for sure. Anywhoo, so here is the Mesh of Cali's face, then the gradients added with the Mesh tool, and the photo I based it off of. I gave up after awhile. I'm sure I could keep messing with it to make it better, but well, it was just for practice anyways. So this is what I have. Maybe another time I'll make a better one once I've practiced with the tool enough.


Kellette said...

I am into it, so you scanned the photo in I am assuming, it made the mesh, and you add gradient?!

the cat is back said...

I had to create my own mesh. I started with a rectangle and added a mesh point in the center. Then molded the rectangle to make the basic face shape. Then added more and more mesh points. The pict on the left is all the mesh points I added (viewed at 0% opacity so you can see the grid I created). Its a tedious process for sure. Here is a tutorial if you want to learn how to mesh.

Charlette said...

That's turned out great! I don't think I have the patience for doing that..More power to you!