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Thursday, July 19, 2007

jedi dave

Well, I was bored, the boyz are in Atlantic City for a Bachelor Party for our dear friend Ben. Then I remembered, I wanted to draw each of my friends as something unique. Ben like Superman, so I drew him as SuperBen. So, I was doodling in Illustrator and figured I'd draw a picture of my dear friend Dave. He really likes StarWars and gave up a lot of his stuff over the past year (I still don't know how he got rid of such a collection!) Anywhoo, I figured I'd try and draw him as something relating to Star, here we go, a Jedi. So this is Jedi Dave. I hope you like it Dave! I thought it looked kinda like ya at least. If you want a copy of it larger, I can print it out for you like I printed out one for Ben. So as I find some slow times, I will continue drawing images of my friends when I get into an Illustrator "mood." I have to be in a "drawing mood" for some reason to handle the patience of Illustrator. Hope everyone has a great weekend, and the boyz are livin it up in AC! Cya when you get back boyz!


Emilie said...

Heheh ... in a strange way it does resemble him :) I know he'll like it a lot!! That's really cool Cattina.

Dave said...

Oh My! Cattina you are the best. It's awesome. Of course I want a bigger version of it. I don't know what to say. You rule!